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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator v8.5.4 login issue

I just love Presence and CUPC, and I dont care what people say about LYNC or MSOC.
We run Presence 8.5.3 in a LAB environment and I encountered an issue where I could not log into my CUPC.  At the end, the fix was fairly simple, but some one once told me; "it is the journey that counts!"

Basically what I got after I configured CUPS is "unable to login" when trying to login to CUPC. 

I need to mention that CUPS is using LDAP for authentication, so the first thing I tried was to check the authentication by logging into http://ip of presence server/ccmuser; which worked.

I doubled checked authentication on the  CUPC client by running traces on:

TOMCAT serurity logs
Cisco UP Client Profile Agent.

(For those who don't know, use RTMT and go to Trace & Log Central---Collect Files--select the appropriate CUP services and System Services).

This gave me trhe following ouput:

For TOMCAT sercurity log:

2011-10-13 09:57:04,115 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationLDAP - auth: getUserFilter= (telephoneNumber=*)
2011-10-13 09:57:04,115 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationLDAP - auth: filter=(&(telephoneNumber=*)(sAMAccountName=dmink))
2011-10-13 09:57:04,115 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationLDAP - auth: connectionTryCount=0
2011-10-13 09:57:04,116 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationLDAP - auth: Creating new InitialDirContext using dn = CN=Dennis Mink,OU=proservices,OU=mel, ou=sites,dc=vsc,dc=local
2011-10-13 09:57:04,149 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationLDAP - auth: successful for dn CN=Dennis Mink,OU=proservices,OU=mel, ou=sites,dc=vsc,dc=local
2011-10-13 09:57:04,149 DEBUG [http-8443-5] impl.AuthenticationDB - login: AuthenticationLDAP complete with result=true

as you can see the authentication is successfull.

The trace output for the UC Client Profile agent showed:

As you can seee

2011-10-13 09:57:03,845 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.SoapServlet - SOAP request for: login, version: orig
2011-10-13 09:57:03,846 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - cType=CUPC
2011-10-13 09:57:03,846 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - cupc client identified
2011-10-13 09:57:03,847 DEBUG [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - clientHasValidVersion=true
2011-10-13 09:57:03,848 DEBUG [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - Client does not have preferred version
2011-10-13 09:57:03,862 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - prelogin:localHostName=MELUPS01
2011-10-13 09:57:03,862 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - prelogin:hostAddr=
2011-10-13 09:57:03,862 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - prelogin:hostFQDN=MELUPS01.vsc.local
2011-10-13 09:57:03,863 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - prelogin:queryString=EXECUTE PROCEDURE ucSOAPPreLogin('dmink','MELUPS01','','MELUPS01.vsc.local');
2011-10-13 09:57:03,863 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.TTUtils - checking userid=dminkto determine if application user
2011-10-13 09:57:03,864 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.TTUtils - userid=dmink is NOT an application user
2011-10-13 09:57:03,887 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - reasoncode=SUCCESS
2011-10-13 09:57:03,888 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - passWdLogin:true
2011-10-13 09:57:03,888 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - doLogin:dmink:true:CUPC
2011-10-13 09:57:03,889 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - Added credentials
2011-10-13 09:57:03,890 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - Create IMS
2011-10-13 09:57:03,890 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - Created Authentication
2011-10-13 09:57:04,151 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - IMS result code is :0
2011-10-13 09:57:04,152 INFO  [http-8443-5] soap.LoginHandler - IMS login result is success for dmink

Login is successfull, so at this stage, I concluded that despite the "unable to login" message I had initially, it was not an LDAP authentication related issue. One thing that struck me in the Profile Agent output above was the use of the MELUPS01 hostname. Because the CUPS is in a LAB environment, with IP connectivity to the Production environment, MELUPS01 cannot and will not be resolved by our Production DNS servers. Adding CUPS hostname to the host file let me log into CUPC.

I might add another few posts on CUPC and CUPS as I will be playing with it quite a bit in the next few weeks.

For the rest, if you need my services:


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