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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Duplicate IP address CUCM 8.6

short post this time, ran into the issue the other day where my CUCM did not wanted to start up after I had shut down the UCS. The funny thing was I could ping its IP address.

Initially I thought it was just the Tomcat service that might not have been started. When I consoled in, and checked the utils service list, I could see that it was started. I then checked its IP address (show network eth0 detail) and saw it was blank. I then noticed that the "A Cisco DB" service was in STARTING status and when checking the replication, I also noticed that the DB was not running. I rebooted CUCM and attached it to a non live vnic. after it came back up the DB was started. which sort of proved to me that the DB was OK.  I also noticed that during boot, CUCM flagged that it could not start its eth0 interface (it did not flag an duplicate IP address or anything).  I went back to the arp table to find out where the IP address lived that I was able to ping, that should be the CUCM......and found a wronly configured DHCP pool, clashing with static IP addresses. after I corrected that and rebooted, CUCM came back up and was addressable again.

Hope this will give any one some guidance when seeing a blank IP address in CUCM. BTW, this was on version 8.6.2 .


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  1. had this issue on 9.0 > same behavior without any notice... ;)