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Monday, 19 August 2013

Changing Wrap-up codes in CAD (UCCE)

"How to change wrap-up codes on the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD)".

Wrap up codes are used by agents, in order to categorise an inbound or outbound call. Categorising each individual call, allows a better insight in call volumes, talk times etc,  that are offered in certain categories. 

The place where the wrap up codes are modified, is the Cisco Desktop Workflow administrator (see previous posts). Let me pull up a screen shot that I have used before, that shows the different options in a certain Work flow Group (called VOIP_WG in this case), through the workflow administrator client.

Figure 1- Work flow group configuration options.

One of the options here is :Wrap-Up Data, pretty complex stuff this UCCE, because this is where we edit the wrap up codes!!

Please note that in order for a wrap-up code to be available for a certain Workflow group, it will need to be made available globally.

Figure 2 - add wrap up data

here. you can add that various wrap up codes (data) and make these available to you work group.

Also, if you are introducing wrap up codes for a team that previously did not use these,  make sure that the Desk settings are correct (UCCE Configuration Manager>Agent Desk settings). Ofcourse the desk settings will need to applied on a agent level as well.

Fig.3. Agents Desktop Settings (through AW)
in the Screen shot above the desk settings name is Mainline, this 

That is  it. To make changes to existing wrap up codes, in order for them to take effect, the agent will need to log off and close the CAD client, and log back in.

So using the wrap-up data selected in Fig.2 after an inbound (or outbound or both depending on how the Agent Desk settings are configured), the popup would look something like this:

Figure 4 - Selecting Wrap up code

That pretty much wraps it up, now back to the eleven o'clock news.

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