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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

ICM/Contact Centre Enterprise dailed number and script association i.e. triggering

UCCE does not use a trigger configuration such as UCCX (remember in UCCX a CTI RP gets tied to a script which tells the system what to invoke when a certain number is dialed).  Contact Centre Enterprise, uses the Dialed numbers to achieve just that.

I have already talked about Dialed Numbers in my previous post on UCCE.

So lets recap, dailed numbers can be mapped to call types, and ONLY call types can be mapped to scripts.  There are two place where dailed numbers can get added/modified:

  1. The configuration manager on the admin worksation (AW)
  2. The ICM script editor under Script > Call Type Manager

Let's stick with the ICM script editor, as it is pretty much a one stop shop for dailed numbers, call types and association. Figure 1 shows the call type manager windows in ICM Script Editor.

Fig.1 -  ICM Editor Call Type Manager

Fig. 1 shows our Dialed Number calls TST_12345.DN, The Call Type mapped to this DN is TST_BU_Mainline_All.CT (more about this mainline set up later). The scheduled script is TST_1_SYS_Main_Entry  (which runs all days). 

From the Call Type Manager, go to the Schedules tab, (Fig 2). This is the ONLY place where an association between a call type and script can be made.

Fig. 2   Call Type Manager, script schedule
As you can see Call Type TST_BU_Mainline_ALL.CT is associated with  a script called : TST_1_SYS_Main_Entry (which runs every day, all day).

From Fig. 2 if you select "modify", you will end up in the schedule modification page. (Fig 3.)

Fig.3 Call Type , script association

This is where a call type gets tied to a script.

The way to obviously test this is to run the TST_1_SYS_Main_Entry  script in monitor mode and dial the the 12345 extension to see if call hit the script.


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