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Sunday, 27 October 2013

UCCE Supervisor agent Reskilling, using Supervisor Desktop

Just a quick description on how supervisors can re-skill agents using the supervisor desktop. 

The criterium for this to work is that all agents that fall under the administrative sphere of the supervisor in question are actually in the same team.  When a supervisor has been assigned a team, that person will only be able to change the Skill Groups of the agents in his/her team.

After the supervisor has logged into the supervisor desktop client, go to TOOLS> AGENT RE-SKILL.

To log in, use the supervisor login name as confiigured under the supervisor TAB on the AW. (12345 in the example).

 Now search for the agent that need to be re-skilled.

Select the agent in question. As you can see below the agent already has two Skill Groups assigned Sales team 1 and 2)

these skill groups can of course be removed.  The Add button,..........ah yes. You guessed right.

Short and sweet,   Namaste!

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