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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hunt group and Call Forward no answer to Voicemail, Cisco Unity Confusion

I have seen a number of post on various forums of people asking how to to provide call coverage to Voice mail as an over flow method. in this post I will describe two ways of doing that. 

So really the objective here is that as soon as a hunt pilot does not get answered by one of the line group members, or none of the line group members is available, the call is forwarded to voice mail. Plain and simple.

(this post is based on CUCM and Unity Connection (CUC) 8.6)

Method 1
  1. Create a hunt pilot as you would normally (example 6000)
  2. Populate the hunt forward settings , for example 5000.
  3. Create a dummy phone with the DN 5000. When I say dummy phone, just fabricate a MAC address like 00AAAAAAAAAA1, do not worry about it not registering, we are only interested in its call forward all settings anyway.
  4. On the dummy phone, extension 5000, set Call forward all to go to voice mail (by ticking the box).
  5. Create a user in CUC that has extension 5000, the email address that is part of this could potentially be a distribution list.
I agree this is not a very sexy solution, particularly because of the dummy phone and because voice mail extension does not match the hunt pilot extension it could make things confusing for users. Having said that, this particular method works well in cases where there is a requirement that the line group members get voice mail notifications for hunt group overflow. This can easily be achieved by giving all phones or device profile that are part of the huntgroup a second extension with,  in this case, the DN 5000.

Method 2
  1. Create a hunt pilot as you would normally (example 6000)
  2. Populate the hunt forward settings , this time forward it to your voice mail pilot
  3. Create a system call handler in CUC and assign it extension 6000, same as the initial hunt pilot in step 1.
  4. To cement the system call handler and the incoming call together, add a direct routing rule. This direct routing rule maps the incoming called number of 6000 to the system call handler created in step 3.
This method is perhaps a little bit cleaner, but has the same result as method 1. In order for people, that are part of the hunt group, to change the greeting you will need to provision access to the call handler, using CUC greeting administrator. See a previous post I did on CUC greeting administrator:

As you can see really, there is not much to it. If there are other ways that you guys and gals have been able to come up with, on how to achieve hunt group over flow, let me know. I would be more than happy to add a method 3 to this post.



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  2. I tried Method 1 and got a "call cannot be completed as dialled" when the hunt group tried to forward to another valid extension in CUCM (with matching Unity voicemail account)

  3. NVM...working. Had the wrong CSS defined

  4. It should be direct routing rule or forwarded?