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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Troubleshoot CTI through RTMT CTI search

Recently, I was troubleshooting a call recording related issue, when some one pointed out the CTI search feature in RTMT to me. I think it is a very use full tool to have available when troubleshooting CTI related issues, so definitely worth sharing.

This will allow you to do a for instance CTI enabled/controlled line, such as my extension 5785 (example for this post). Below is the example CTI line search for my extension:

As you can see, my extension is associated with a certain device (2nd column) and the line status is open, as opposed to closed for this extension on another phone. (see column 8 in the example above).   If I was to be using for instance the Cisco Agent Desktop, the AppId would be the application user that UCCE would use and the AppIPAddr in column 4 would be that of one of the Peripheral Gateway. The CTI manager IP address in column 6 would be the IP address of the CUCM that the Application connects to.  It can pretty much be used for anything CTI related, such as attendent console or Verint Call recording.

So great little feature when you want to check if a phone is CTI controlled, with which device a certain extension is associated for CTI control etc etc. 

Keep this RTMT feature in mind, you will need it one day.


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