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Monday, 12 May 2014

How to use Forwarded routing rules in Unity connection, or not

Another, not very exciting post on forwarding rules in Cisco Unity Connection. But I figure, if I am not going to post about it, who will. So let me not waste too much time and lemme just tell you when to use them and follow up with an example that I whipped up in a lab.


This post is based on Unity Connection 8.6, but really forwarded routing rules have been around for a while. Cisco Unity Connection has two call routing tables; one for direct calls and one for forwarded calls. An example of a direct routing rule could be a greeting administrator, which would be configured as  a hunt pilot, using the same Line groups as the Voice Mail pilot uses. This means that the greeting administrator dials straight into Unity, hence a direct routing rule.

For those of you who don't know where to find them, see the screen shot below.

Generally speaking, this is how direct routing works on Unity Connection.

Forwarded routing rules are invoked when, for instance, a phone has its call forward all settings set to go to the voice pilot.
But really, both direct routing rules and forwarded routing rules, do not offer any further functionality by themselves. These rules are merely a vehicle to hand over an incoming call to a certain call handler. Or a called number to call handler mapping.


Examples, well almost anything that needs to be dealt with by a call handler really e.g call agents wanting to play a product description to a caller, playing out a holiday/closed greeting, playing out an emergency message, etc. etc. etc.

Fine, let's take an example that plays out an emergency message "due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to take your cal....".  we have set up a forwarded routing rule as per below. That message is actually a greeting played out by Unity.  (PHGReeting).

For example extension "12345", I created a Forwarding rule called "test 2"

In this test 2 forwarding rule, the incoming call is sent to a call handler called "Test 2 Call Handler".

This test 2 Call Handler is where the actual message is recorded, (possibly through the Greeting Administrator. And this concludes the Unity Connection part of the configuration.

Next call handler will need to be invoked, this is done in CUCM. For this you can create a dummy CTI Route Point,  but it can also be a dummy phone (i.e. a phone with a dummy MAC address). So let's assume a dummy CTI Route Point, with extension 12345 and  and call forward all settings to go to your voice mail pilot, or just tick the call forward all box . Make sure you select the correct voice mail profile on the 12345 extension.

The directory number of this Route Point is 12345 and has call forward all set to point to the Voice mail Pilot of 18001. This pretty much hands an incoming call into 12345 off to unity connection where the emergency message get played. 

That is it, very simple, so don't get this wrong, Or I will send the Fossa!

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