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Thursday, 26 June 2014

UCCX and IPIVR prompt formats

Uploading new prompts into UCCX or IPIVR is easy, but you will have to make sure you are going to use the right codec, so the caller does not get the impression that he/she is connected to an angle grinder.  Testing the prompt before bringing it into production is a powerful thing, but I am sure we all do that, so I won't re-iterate it. Anyway.

most likely your prompts are 8 kbps u-law, to very your format, just download an existing prompt and run it in vlc player. Go to TOOLS>CODEC INFORMATION (CTRL+J)  and this will display what codec is being used, as per below.

Fig.1 CODEC information in VLC player

Now, when you have a new prompt and it is not in the same codec as the codec that UCCX/IPIVR uses, it will either NOT play, or sound like a power tool.  To convert it, easy use, sound recorder, yes windows. (Apple OS? dunno, mate, try google). No need to download any wav. editing software like audacity or anything.

Open the wav. file in question an save it, but Change the codec, as per below.

Fig. 2 CODEC conversion using sound recorder

As you can see I am saving this file CCIT ulaw, 8 kbps sampling (8bit) i.e. 64kbps.

It is that easy!

Auf wieder sehen

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