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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cisco Ordering, Cisco Commerce Workspace - CCW BE6K example

Putting a Bill of materials together is no one's idea of fun, and take my advise: if possible handball it to pre-sales. But sometimes you just can't avoid putting it together yourself, and it can be a frikkin nightmare if you don't know what you are looking for. so here's sort of how.

On go to "HOW TO BUY".  

go to "Configurations (see below)

This is where the fun starts. Here you will need to put together your required configuration.

So start by Creating a new configuration.

Now before you go any further, it is wise to have the Cisco ordering guide available for whatever hardware or solution you are after. Search on the cisco website for these specific ordering guides.

This particular ordering guide contains an ordering flow that will need to be followed.

OK so let  kick off by adding the server bundle as per above.  BE6K-ST-BDL-XU.  (these part numbers are called SKU's). 
Next thing is add the R-CBE6K-K9, which is called a SKU Top Level. This top level will allow you to add further options, such as licences and software versions and starter packs. Below is a screen shot of what this can look like.

This will also give you a quick overview of Cisco's list prices for various components and options (in local currency AUD in the example above).

So, if you are suckered into making a BOM because some dick head from pre-sales hand balled it to you; this is how you do it. Now go and get a pay rise because of your newly acquired skill.

Namaste dawg.

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