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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Add custom CSS to a Wordpress Widget

Its sometimes good to be able to allow per widget customisation. Something that is currently not available in Wordpress 4.0 at the time of writing.  Of course, someone much smarter than me, created a plugin, to allow you to do just that; customise.

so install that one first.

As you can see it is untested, but it works. Once installed and activated, if you now go back to your widgets, you should have an additional class ID field available (See below).

I added a CSS class called "footer-widget1".In order to apply this you will need to open up your theme's style sheet. There is no single way about, how to explain where this is located or what it is called. Some themes allow you to edit the style sheet using the dashboard's css editor under appearances. Otherwise, open you site up and inspect the various elements and do some digging. Then edit your theme;s style sheet using Windows SCP.  Pretty much just add a class called .footer-widget1 {


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