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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Call Manager Log partition Manager, low and high water mark

Ran into an issue  regarding log partition disk space the other day, thought I might as well write up a quick note about it. My syslog server contained the following Critical alert:

 %[AlertName=LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded][AlertDetail=#012#012#012 UsedDiskSpace : 60#012MessageString : Common Disk utilization hits LWM!#012AppID : Cisco Log Partition Monitoring Tool

The log partition is, you guessed it, a logical partition available to CUCM that contains all traces, call logs.

CUCM checks the size of this partition every 5 minutes and verifies its high and low watermark. It uses the AMC (alert Manager and Collector service to do this).

Low watermark: if the log partition's size exceeds this value, cucm will send out a critical syslog message and add an alert to alert central in RTMT every 5 minutes. It should be interpreted as a warning so you can gracefully clear up some disk space.

High watermark: if the log partition's size exceeds this value, logs will be automatically purged.

In RTMT go to the log partition alert>alert details and change the percentage that represents the high or low water mark.

The way to manually delete some of the log files, to clear up space, is to use RTMT>Trace&Log Central>Remote Browse, go to the server in question and delet the call logs or SDL logs, that you do not need any longer.

Additionally, you might want to go into your trace configuration and turn off traces, or at least change the trace level or only trace what is relevant.

Good luck and Namaste!

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