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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Solarwinds license renewal how to

Solarwinds licensing, at least not as bad a Cisco's impossible licensing jungle.

Solarwinds is modular in it's licenses, so most modules (network performance manager, Netflow Analyzer or Network configuration manager).

Activating licenses or renewing licenses is actually quite easy.   

There are two parts of access that you will need to make changes and or updates to your Solarwinds Orion license:

1-administrative access to the server itself.
2-access to solarwinds customer portal (https://customerportal.solarwinds.com

The customer portal itselfm will allow you to get an overview of what licenses you have, and when they expire, and their respective activation keys.

So, RDP into your Orion box and start up the license manager, thru programs>Solarwinds>solarwinds license manager. which will pop up something similar to the picture below:

Figure 1 - license manager overview

If your machine has internet access you can synchronize by hitting the sync button in figure 1.  Or alternatively activate new license as per figure 2.  You will get the figure 2 pop up when you choose "upgrade" in figure 1. For this your machine needs internet access, and the activation key can be found on the customer portal.

Figure 2 - License activation with or without internet access

Without internet access you can still update your license, by generating a license file  (bottom radio button in figure 2). This license file needs to be generated through the customer portal>license management. This part is pretty self explanatory.

Hos ja!

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