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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Using RTMT to trace calls

After my previous post, I dug back into RTMT to explore more of its capabilities. Mainly, because I was looking for a more intelligent way to filter out traces for a particular call. More intelligent that, trimming down trace files, based on a time stamp. And I guess Session Trace Log View in RTMT are the answer. (see below, sorry for the huge picture, but I cant help that blogger has issue with relative picture sizes).

So start up RTMT, go to Voice/Video  > Session Trace log View  > Real time Data.  In the picture above, I used the phone's call history to get sort of a time frame of the call, and did some additional filtering based on the lst 3 digits of the called number *935, but do as you see fit.

Select the call you are interested in and hit the TRACE CALL button at the bottom of your RTMT window.  You can select "include SIP messages" if you want to see SIP signalling and SDP's.

This will give you a Call Flow Diagram, similar like the picture below:

Each SIP method above can be drilled into and by hitting SAVE you will be able to store the Call Trace off line.

The message button TAB contains:

  • SDL traces
  • Call Log
  • SIP details (if enabled)

More information on RTMT can be found at:


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