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Sunday, 19 July 2015

2N Helios IP Force Intercom on Cisco Unified Call Manager

The people who brought us the invention of beer, also brought us 2N and their fleet of door phones and intercoms. This Czech product is pretty good. This post is dedicated to a description on how to get them to work in your Cisco Unified Call Manager Environment.

This post is bast on an integration with 2N's Helios IP Force, single button Intercom, running firmware version 2.11. see picture below. 

Now, there is noting to be afraid of when configuring this thing, since it is essentially a SIP video enabled phone with a bunch of relays.

I am actually quite surprised by this product; the unit itself is pretty rugged, fairly easy to set up, plenty of documentation and support for it too.

First of all, this device is capable PoE so make sure you have the appropriate infrastructure to support that. If you want you can power them on 220V as well. 

I choose to configure these puppy's, using 'somewhat dynamic IP addresses'. So leave DHCP on on the phone, but reserve the IP address to the MC address of the Helios. This will allow you to bookmark the URL for the web access to the Helios. 

The default user ID is Admin and password 2n .

OK so add the Intercom to CUCM first.

1. Add a user ID CUCM, using a local user, don't bother putting it in AD.  set the, set the PIN, digest and password, to whatever you like, but set it.

2. Add the device itself to CUCM.  Phone > ADD >Third Party SIP device (advanced).
3. Use the MAC address of the Intercom (although it shouldn't really matter what you put in)

4. Under the protocol specific information for the third party SIP device, add the user that you added in step 1, as the digest user.

5. Configure the line on the phone and associate the user with the the line.

6. Now open your Helios IP Force ip in a browser  default creds; admin/2N

8-add the device as the controlled device for the user created in STEP1 , and make the extension on it. Primary extension on the user webpage. 
codec lisencing: g922 

These devices should be registered in call manager for them to work. Please also keep in mind that each Helios will require a single Enhanced license.

Because you typically find the intercom phones at entrances, you probably want it to open a door or a boom gate or something.For this the Helios contains a number of relays, that are activated by means of a code through DTMF. 

IN the Helios configuration pages, these relays are called "switches", as can be seen in the screenshot below.

In the example above, pressing 123 will activate switch one. you can changed the state signalling which allows you to modify the accompanying "beep", that will be audible to the person on the other end.

The way I test these is by configuring auto answer on the Helios, dialing into it, and pressing the 123 activation code. When I hear the accompanying beep I know I am sending the right digits and DTMF works.

Automatic pickup/auto answer can be configured as follows:

I know I have only provided a short overview of what the Helios IP Force can do, but my aim is to only provide the instructions needed to get the basics working. Because the Helios is a very versatile device that has a lot of configuration parameters, have a play with it and get your hands on the original manual.

Baie Dankie
2N Helios IP Force Product specs:


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