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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Operating system access to your cisco VCS; SCP is your buddy

As I was looking for a way to export logs off of a Cisco VCS I came across some comments on the cisco support forurm that lead me into looking at obtaining root access into the VCS. And its not actually that hard, in fact its terribly easy.

Any Cisco VCS uses GNU bash and has the underlying file structure that you would expect of a linux/unix clone.

There are a few ways to access your VCS, through its web GUI (which is a front end for Apache), access through SSH, but it also allows SCP access.

With SCP you can pretty much run through the whole file structure of your VCS. I am not going to explain how SCP works or how you use it to connect to your VCS, as it would make me feel stupid. What I can say is that you need root access to connect to it. So how do I know what my root credentials are? Well cisco describes it here:

So pretty much root and the password is most likely the same as your admin password.

With this access you can pretty much edit any file you like, directly in the operating system, but if you are after the logs, go to /mnt.harddisk/log   you can copy those locally for analysis. see below

(don't wait too long downloading your required historic logs as they get purged on a rotational basis)

Baie Dankie

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